Gradient Air Motion tweeter AT1Q square frontplate.

Dimension : 111 x 111 x 6 mm

The AT-1 was designed with the idea to strike up in the top league. An ideal tweeter in high multiway combinations for all kinds of music from pop to blues and rock to jazz and classical music. It sets new standards to achieve best in sound. In addition, the AT1 has been developed as a dipole, so that the sound is radiated evenly forwards and backwards.

The membrane with the vapor-deposited voice coil is produced in Canada. The magnetic field is very homogeneous, since the metal front panel is a component of the magnetic field geometry. In addition, the solid metal front panel heat excellently derives to maintain the temperature of the group consisting of neodymium magnet rods so low that they are heated by no means up to the critical temperature Currie. Then they would lose their magnetization and decrease the efficiency of the tweeter blatantly. Irreversibele, because a remagnetization is not possible.